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Get a consistent stream of qualified B2B leads. We'll help you get more clients, leverage your time, and make more money...just like we do for all our clients. Click the button for details >>

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B2B Lead Generation - We Help Decision Makers Welcome You!
Save Time - Increase Revenue

Seeing Fast Results is Not an Option…
It’s a Necessity!

We can help you make more money
just like we do for our other clients!

As a seasoned and successful salesperson and business owner, I clearly understand the vital importance of saving time and increasing sales and revenue.

We’ll also help you “get more clients and leverage your time” to reach and see more qualified decision makers, so you, too, will increase revenue and see quick results.

My team and I can help you do what you do best!

Over the years I’ve honed my power dialogue techniques for myself and clients, such as 3M, a world class manufacturer, and Safeguard, an International company who offers a comprehensive line of business management solutions. We work with large, medium and small businesses alike.

  • How would you like to have a consistent stream of qualified information and leads?
  • Perhaps you would like to have closing ratio of 60 – 80% like some of our clients?

Our services include:

    These are customized packages designed to fit your unique business needs.  We perform the services for you, providing you with information, appointment setting, lead nurturing, data base updates and much, much more.
    This coaching is personalized, tested and proven. It is an easy to implement, step-by-step program, showcasing calling and sales techniques. The process will help you develop skills and confidence so you become increasingly successful.
    Includes transcripts, workbooks, printed tips, and bonuses.

What would it do to your bottom line if you were to
save valuable time while increasing productivity and revenue,
all at the same time?

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“We were Number One in North America!”

I wanted to express my appreciation of your assistance to the overwhelming success of the Imation Calgary Symposium. Symposiums were held in all the major cities in North America, including three in Canada: Montreal, Toronto and Calgary.

Three key speakers from IBM, StorageTek and Imation were looking to speak to Data Centre Managers in all of these cities to discuss new technologies, so the preparation in having a qualified audience present was very important.

Your professional work and dedication in assisting in this event put Calgary on the map. Not only did Calgary have the most people/companies present in Canada at the symposium, we were Number One in North America! Thanks again for your outstanding work!

Joan Neely,
(formerly with) Imation
Data Storage & Information Management

“The 2011 $$$ increase was at least 33% with an increase in units of 41%!”

Overall I was very happy with the Program. The increases were amazing.

The 2011 $$$ increase was a least 33% with an increase in units of 41%!

I was just at the Home Hardware Fall Market Trade Show and quite a few stores told me how happy they were with the program and the changes that were made.

I would strongly recommend Debora and her team.


Dave W. Tobin
National Account Manager Consumer & Office Markets, 3M Canada Company


“Because of Insightful Solutions, I have always met or exceeded my sales goals and marketing objectives.”

I am one of Insightful Solutions longest standing customers.  Over 15 years ago I started working with Debora J. Hollick and her team at Insightful Solutions and I have never looked back.

Over the duration of several careers, with world-class companies such as 3M Canada, the National distribution Company of Apex and my own marketing business, I have always depended on Insightful Solutions.

They have helped me qualify leads, set up appointments with key decision makers, follow up on customer service and update my customer data base, build traffic for training sessions and trade shows and brain storm successful business strategies.

Because of Insightful Solutions, I have always met or exceeded my sales goals and marketing objectives.

I have referred many a client to Insightful Solutions because I have confidence that they will be able to perform.  I am so happy with their services that I have offered to provide this testimonial.

Brenda Hayter,
Victoria, B.C.

“I had sales that exceeded any of the months in 2011!”

Since using Insightful Solutions I have been able to consistently grow my business. They provide me with valuable leads and appointments in my target accounts and Industries.

Although 2011 was a great year, in February 2012, I had sales that exceeded any of the months in 2011!! This is because of the extra business generated through the program with Insightful Solutions.

I am now able to justify hiring an extra person to keep up with all of the leads. If you are interested in seeing your sales grow while spending more time in front of qualified customers instead of prospecting, then I would highly recommend Insightful Solutions.

A word of caution…with the increased sales and profits, expect more long term clients as a positive side effect.

Get ready to look for people to help you as you will be so busy with the leads, you may not be able to keep up!

I highly recommend Debora and her team!

Gerald Bourret
Safeguard Print Innovations Inc.
Edmonton, Alberta