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About Debora J. Hollick,

Executive Director of
Our Insightful Solutions Ltd.

During the early years of my career, I worked for an international network marketing business. It was there in this lucrative sales field that I learned the basic success formulas from some of the best and most successful managers.

My team became one of the most successful in North America. In addition to personally earning Top Sales Awards for the country, I am proud to say that many others whom I mentored also went on to be recognized for their achievements.

In the Mid 90’s this successful industry started really entering some hard times. People were dropping out of the business and we all had big challenges. Eventually, I too, faced the tough reality that I would need to redefine my career.

I was able to take these essential skills and develop them into what eventually became my signature 25 Step program for booking shows and recruiting top sales performers.

It was at the lowest point that fate presented itself. My friend Ron relocated to Western Canada and was faced with establishing a new career and rebuilding a seriously neglected territory.

He was very uncomfortable making the initial phone contacts and was having a tough time getting appointments and being productive. He needed some direction and encouragement. I offered to help by calling his target customer list to open some doors for him, raise his spirits and help him to hit the ground running.

Both of us were surprised and delighted when his business increased by 300% in that first year of operation!
Neither of us expected that this friendly gesture would result in the development of a successful B2B enterprise. After that the successes started piling up, my services expanded into what you see today and the referrals just kept on coming! Today, Our Insightful Solutions Ltd. helps clients, small to large – local, national and international – save time and increase revenue. Our clients benefit from a variety of marketing services including qualified lead generation, event and tradeshow traffic building as well as effective lead nurturing, all designed to help clients achieve their marketing and sales objectives.

Our unique expertise is in getting clients’ products and services “welcomed” by decision makers.  Combine that with practical sales experience and know-how and you have a person with very effective, yet personal approach.

I credit my success to my passion for helping people, but I admit that I have also been helped along the way and am a true believer that “all of us are smarter than any one of us.”  That is the premise for “Insightful Solutions”.  Often clients have the network and the infrastructure in place, but just need a little help from another “marketing head” that is objective and creative.

Call it Karma, Good luck or a Spiritual Intervention…however you want to describe it, I feel destined to help people be successful!  I believe my success is “being paid to help people do what they do best.” That is what I love to do and the success of Insightful Solutions is proof of that!

If you’d like to see how Insightful Solutions can help you, just like we have helped Ron and many other clients just like him, simply click on the box below and we can get started!

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Here’s What Others Say About Working with Debora and Insightful Solutions

“…increased my number of calls per day,
by over 500%”

Working with Debora J. Hollick of Insightful Solutions has made a world of difference with the execution and success of my marketing campaign.

It was immediately evident, that Debora’s 20+ years of expertise in the Professional Direct Marketing Industry holds the secrets to success that most people have very little insight into.

Hiring Insightful Solutions to coach me on my professional sales and marketing approach was by far the best investment in my career I have ever made.

The fact that I increased my number of calls per day, by over 500%, really demonstrated that Debora has a recipe for success with her system.


Justin Hayter
Independent Marketing Contractor
Victoria, B. C., Canada

“Talking with Debora was very helpful!”

Talking with Debora about my small business was very helpful!  Handling and managing employees is such a mystery to so many small business owners.  Debora’s ideas and comments regarding priorities and setting clear intentions and goals was very helpful.

One of the things that I noticed is that after talking about some of the challenges I have, Debora’s comments kept returning to my mind as events repeated themselves over the next several weeks.  I had the feeling of “Oh! This is a perfect example of…(what we talked about)”.

Tying in her comments with my real world experiences made finding clarity easier.  I put several suggestions to use (and had new ideas of my own) when designing a new position description and had a feeling of success when I re-interviewed my top candidate for that job.

Linda Scott Cummings, Ph.D.
PaleoResearch Institute, Inc.
Golden, Colorado