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Great Customer Services

How to BEST Serve Customers Today So They Buy Tomorrow

The pipeline for new customers is always “hungry” for a new supply. However, I hear this cry from many people: “I don’t have enough customers!” It is just common sense that every company requires customers so that they can stay in business, right? It leaves me wondering, why don’t they have them?

Businesses, regardless of size or location, all need customers. Not only do they need customers now, but those that will turn into lifetime ones. This is much easier said than done. Yes, there are a few businesses out there that have a product or service that is very specific and satisfies a unique niche. People who need it or want it pretty much have to buy it from them. They are the lucky few. The majority have to survive in the healthy world of competition.

Repeat Customers – We all need them

Owners of businesses, small, large and in between, have dreams, goals and aspirations. While some may be misguided as to why they have started a business, they’ve done so. Some may also be confused or unaware as to how take steps to encourage and ensure repeat business.

Statistics measuring the cost of acquiring new customers vs. retaining current customers vary greatly, depending on who is reporting them, the type of business, products and services involved. It seems however, that the range is 5 – 10 percent more to get new customers.

It is a constant challenge and source of frustration if a business isn’t getting more than enough repeat business, along with new business. This ultimately results in the “Out of Business” sign being put on the door. A sad fact indeed!


Domino Effect

Customers who were patronizing the business now are inconvenienced and have to look elsewhere. Employees lose their jobs. Less affects the economy, and the owner loses confidence as they see their dream disintegrate before their very eyes, while wondering how and why this happened.

As the person in charge, you are responsible to prevent or fix this problem. When effective process are in place and monitored, more businesses find their way to more success?


So, what can and should be done?

While there are many factors involved, one of the best ways is to give customers GREAT service. When you do, they not only become repeat customers, they send other people to you as well. A lot of businesses, either don’t realize, have forgotten, or chosen to ignore the importance of great customer service. Furthermore, they don’t know HOW to deliver it.


5 Simple Suggestions That Will Help

  • Give your customers exactly what they want and need, and they will be thrilled. Don’t try to use force or guilt to sell them anything. So how do you know exactly what they want? Easy. Ask them.
    • Ask more questions
    • Find out what they are looking for
    • Why do they want it
    • How will they feel when they get it
    • What will it mean for their company when they get it
  • Use your active listening skills when dealing with your customers. Don’t be thinking of what to say next. If you are, you won’t hear them. Then find the solution that best fits. Is what you are offering the best for them?
  • Know your customers well. When prospecting for business, research the industry as well as their business on the internet. This will give you insight as to whether or not:
    • You, your products or services will be of real benefit to them
    • You will be and sound more credible and aware when making contact
    • There will be a real opportunity to serve them
  • Meet or exceed expectations. Whatever role you have in the business, ask yourself:
    • What can I do to best serve my customers today?
    • How can I serve them well
    • Am I doing everything to the best of my ability for my customers (internal and external) and the employer or company I represent?
  • Ensure that whatever contact you have with a customer you make their time with you an experience – a positive experience. Sometimes that means not having them buy at the time.


Those are 5 ways to easily give customers great service. The more positive their experience with you, the more likely they will continue to buy from you in the future. Apply even just a few of these suggestions and you will save time, get more sales and increase revenue.

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